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Tag your music files for an optimized organization

Having your music files properly tagged is important for various reasons: they're easier to handle, faster to find and work better with music managers and players.

With MetatOGGer you can tag your music library in a simple way. After the first obvious step of importing your selected folders or files, they'll all appear on the program's interface, where you need to check or uncheck those you want to work with (use the right button to do so).

MetatOGGer gives you several options to add or edit tags in your music files: use the file name or the path to create tags from them, add the tags by yourself from scratch, extract them from a database or import them from an online database – which is usually the fastest and easiest way, though it doesn't always work. Also, the program only has support for one database, while other similar tools usually work with a bunch of them.

The good thing about MetatOGGer is that you can instantly preview any changes done to the file's tags and then decide if you want to keep those changes or you'd rather discard them.

MetatOGGer features a very attractive interface with a nice design and transparency effects.

With MetatOGGer you can add or edit tags in your music files in a couple of clicks, although it works with just one online database.

MetatOGGer supports the following formats

OGG, FLAC, Speex, MP3


  • Several ways to edit tags
  • Preview changes before applying them


  • Works with only one online database

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MetatOGGer 4.0 for PC

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